A Journey of Mystic Self Transcendence
Tantric Bodywork & Ecstatic Therapy 

Tantra Is a holistic approach toward combining sensory pleasures, spiritual guidance, and body work that
facilitates your psycho/social/physical/innate sexual/spiritual nature. Further information is provided on our Mother site HausofTantra. Please note ADULT CONTENT WARNING. You are about to enter a website that may contain content of adult nature. By clicking the link you acknowledge you understand Haus of Tantra is designed for adults by adults. 21+. 

Aromatherapy Oils-Anoint your Temple 
DoTERRA certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils represent  the safest, purest, and most beneficial oils available today.  Naturally safe, purely effective medicinal benefits guaranteed. Harvested, at the perfect moment by experienced growers around the world for ideal extract composition and efficacy. Raindrop therapy is a righteous healing ritual. Try it today!

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​​~Hydro Therapies~​
The Vichy
shower treatment is a unique aquatic therapy that is inspired by treatments used in the French city Vichy. Since the time of ancient Rome "Vichy" waters were famous for their beneficial virtues and magical healing properties.  

The Watsuis elements of anti-gravity zen shiatsu, massage, sensory deprivation,  warm marine water supporting joint mobilization, increasing flexibility, and decreasing pain or discomfort, all while deeply relaxed. 

Discover why water is essential to a balanced life and how NeVaehs exclusive shower experience and water therapies can cleanse, rejuvenate, and enhance relaxation while fostering the nurturing benefits of touch. Through the use of natural marine products and healing waters your senses are awakened and your skin revitalized. 

When breath departs so too does life. Therefore regulate breath. 

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Oxygen Therapy &

CBD Hemp oil Therapies 


If you have the grace to hug someone, never miss this sacred moment.

​​Nap pods/lounge  @ NeVAeh Everybody needs a Nap. ​​

Personal Training, Postural Analysis & Structural Integration

​A good stance and posture reflect a positive state of mind 

Studies show that 94% of adults have some type of postural deviation that should be corrected. Commonly beginning in childhood imbalance begins in the strength of opposing muscle groups. If left undetected deviations will generally lead to bigger  problems. HEAD TILT/SHIFT, ROUNDED SHOULDER, HIP TILT, and forward head are most common signals of postural deviation in adults. These can lead to should humps, and a hunched over posture. The underlying concern of posture can be a lad of balance, muscle or neurological pain, and skeletal stress a reflection of astral and ethereal fields. 

FORWARD HEAD~FHP is shown by a curve in the neck which causes the head to thrust forward to the shoulder, rather then the vertical ideal. The head and ears should be more in line with the a/c joint of the shoulder. Through supervised stretching, assisted, and strengthening exercises, it can be moderately restored if not corrected. Ohh, Yeah sooo awesome!

PROTRACTED (rounded) SHOULDER GIRDLE~In time this causes inflammation, nerve compression, lack of nutrient deliver, and if left untreated can cause other sever body system problems. An internally rotated humerus with the scapula protracting around the rib cage anteriorly is a sever deviation can eventually result in obstructed respiratory problems and lumbar issues, 

ANTERIOR PELVIC TILT~This is commonly indicated when the butt is arched high causing a misalignment at the pelvis. A pelvic tilt will cause the muscles of the lower limb to compensate and the knee starts to turn inward during standing, walking, and squatting. Excessive anterior pelvic tilt can be caused by seated jobs, faulty abdominal training or poor muscle balance causing dysfunction in the lower extremities, lower back pain, incontinence, and abdominal distension are a few of its symptoms,  

KYPHOSIS_LORDOSIS~ head forward, slightly extended cervical spine, increased flexion in upper thoracic spine, straight lower thoracic spine, flexed lumbar spine (straight), pelvis tilted  extended hip, extended knee, and plantar flexion in the ankle. 

FLAT BACK~head forward, s;lightly extended cervical spine, increased flexion in upper thoracic spine, straight lower thoracic spine, flex lumbar spine (straight), pelvis tilted posteriorly, extended hip, extended kneee joint and plantar flexion in the knee. 

SWAY BACK~head forward, extended cervical spine, increased flexion in thoracic spine, posterior displacement of upper trunk (torso leans back), flexion of lower lumbar, pelvic tilt, hyperextended hip joint, hyperextended knees, and neutral ankles. 

Oxytocin connects us to other people; oxytocin makes us feel what other people feel.

And it’s easy to cause people’s brains to release oxytocin.

Let me show you. Come here. Give me a hug.