• Eyelash Enhancement
  • Eyeliner upper/lower
  • Winged liner 
  • Eyeshadow 
  • Semi-Perm Lashes

We Also referred to as permanent make-up is a beautification process in which minute metabolically inert pigment granules are implanted below the epidermis for cosmetic or corrective enhancement. 


Custom Tattooing
Specializing in corrective work, color, blending, blocking, lettering, and custom pieces only

Areola Restoration

For women who have undergone mastectomies, other breast surgies, or who may have irregular or fading areolas.
Permanent paramedical areola restoration procedures are nothing short of a medical miracle. Nevaehs re-pigmentation and nipple restoration techniques employs cosmetically tattooed micropigmentation as a way to restore the natural beauty of your breasts so you can regain confidence in your feminity (your procedure may also be covered by insurance) Please call to set up a free consultation. 

Paramedical Tattooing 
Also known as micro-dermal pigmentation is a process of inserting opaque pigment into the papillary and reticular layers of the skin to camouflage visible scar tissues and blend skin tones such as alpoecia & vitiliago. Custom Tattooing-
Specializing in corrective work, color, blending, blocking, lettering, and custom pieces only.

Tattoo Removal- A+ Ocean 
Using the finest sea salt available anywhere in the world completely filtered and pure power removal solution. Created to aid in pigment break down through controlled superficial dermal scabbing.

Semi Permanent Eye lash Extensions 
Welcome to the revolution of eyelash extensions & techniques. Natural feeling lashes within hours.  Very calming and painless procedure arranged in a variety of lengths lasting months with proper care. These natural like lashes are water resistant; showers, sweating, tearing and swimming. Wake up beautiful. 

Sunless Tanning & Airbrush body painting 
The active ingredient DHA is FDA regulated soultion that provides alternative to the sun resulting in a safe, deeply nourishing tan that actually revitalizes your skin.  Whether its a date, prom, or wedding you can now have a healthy golden glow anytime of the year. The sunless scope is the elite way to tan with top celebrities, athletes, VIP personnel, friends and family. Join the health revolution and schedule your sunless tan today. Body painting for any occasion.

Also known as coning is the process of removing built up excess wax within the ear canal. Coning's ancient origins come to us from the Native American Indians, the Chinese, Egyptian, Mayan, Atlantean, and Tibetan cultures. History of coning actually dates back to Atlantis and Lemuria eras. 

Event Make-up 
Employing over a decade of elite diverse beauty experience from Paul Mitchell to Joe Blasco (event/theatrical/special effects) providing the latest and greatest services & techniques to industry professionals, and beauties alike;

                    It would be a pleasure to prepare you for an event

                     that will not easily be forgotten. You're Beautiful.


  • Natural curved Hair look
  • Feather or smudge 
  • Beauty Marks  
  • Lips 


  • Cellulite
  • Stretchmarks 
  • Wrinkles 
  • Scars

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